Majestic Bookends


Plastic animals – $1 each – I bought mine at the dollar store in the kid’s toy section. Gold Paint or Gold Spray Paint – $1 – I painted mine with gold paint from the dollarstore. It might be easier and shine if you use spray paint. I have seen gold spray paint for $6 at Home Hardware Pieces of wood – Free- If you can find old skids and cut them that would be perfect and free. I had no access to a wood saw so I bought the wood pieces from Micheals for $3 each which quickly racked up the price of my bookends so I would suggest the free route. Wood Glue – $1- I had this on hand so it was free I have seen this glue at the dollar store as well as at Micheals.

I would suggest sanding the wood first so that you have smooth edges unfortunately I didn’t have any on hand. After the wood is smooth add glue to the end of one piece and align the other one on top making sure that there is no overgap but that it makes a smooth corner. One side will be longer than the other this is the side to put your animal on.

Do the same for your other book end and lie them on the short side so that they dry.

While I waited for the book ends to dry I painted the first coat on the plastic animals. I went with lions but elephants are also super cute and standing bears and howling wolfs are cool, you can basically do any animal you like. I just painted in the direction of the fur being careful not to have any runs.

It took me three coats to get it bold enough. I did a cycle in which I painted the animals then the wood then the animals then the wood so that each had a chance to dry while I worked on the others.

I lined up the lions where I wanted them to stand on the wood and then I hot glued them down. I say hot glue is optional because the wood glue should also work. I touched up with gold paint covering any glue that might be showing.

And tada all done! Line them up on your bookshelf with your favourite novels and you’ll be the envy of all your house guests or seem really cool and impressive to your dorm roommate.